FREEMAN Underwear with 3D Nanofiber Technology

People wear underwear mainly because it could insure privacy of genital and keep it healthy. Most of the men’s underwear on the market use rubber band as waistband. Tight rubber band not only leaves mark on the skin, but it will also affect the sperm vitality.

Only with perfect design and extraordinary manufacturing skills. Men can really enjoy their life while our underwear covering the most sensitive part of their body. FREEMAN underwear it does an excellent job in maintaining your health and privacy precisely meeting customer’s need.yjimbknog8ryqavu6x4a

This technology applies the perfect combination of special composite rubber and velvet instead of film. The complete integration of rubber and velvet into the fabric structure makes the product as soft as skin. We use rubber with superior anti-aging properties to improve the elasticity and resilience, which completely solves the problems of deformation caused by consumers’ improper wearing or improper washing method. Besides, the rubber will never fall off. This technology completely replaces the rubber band sewing and film adhesion. By avoiding the mark and the sense of oppression, it greatly enhances the comfortability.

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